Friday, 13 July 2012

Participate in our research

The focus of our research is human psychology, 
therefore we need human participants!
We invite you to further explore one of our 
research studies that is being conducted 
and to consider taking  part in it. 

Our interests are focused on the evolutionary 
progression of cognitive abilities, particularly the evolution of 
human-specific cognitive capacities such as religion, creativity and 
language and their relation to sociality and mate-choice.

Our current work centres on the question of whether  
belief systems are related to approaches to life stress.

Thanks for your interest in our project. We reached a desirable number 
of participants for this particular study. 
However, we invite you to take part in our new survey focusing in art 
appreciation and faith. 
Please see the post above for more details.

Contact the researchers directly if you would like more information. 
Dr Clare Cunningham (email)
Gislene Rodriguez (email)

Please feel free to leave any thought or comment you may have regarding to our study! 

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