Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Does holding strong beliefs change the way your mind works?

Our work focuses on studying cognitive and evolutionary aspects of holding strong beliefs, either based on organised religion or other spiritual teachings - and we are looking for participants to take part in her on-line study.

Our most recent work is interested in finding out more about the cognitive mechanisms involved in belonging to a religious group and its relation to art appreciation.

We are looking for both those who do and do not consider themselves to hold strong religious beliefs.

You may have completed the survey before, so it is important that you participate only once. If you have not previously taken part, it will only take about 20-30 minutes of your time.

Contact the researchers directly if you would like more information. 

Dr Clare Cunningham (email) c.cunningham@abertay.ac.uk
Gislene Rodriguez (email) 0803341@live.abertay.ac.uk.

Please feel free to leave any thought or comment you may have regarding to our study! 

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